Block B Lot 443

Block B Lot 443

LTHOA Lake tenkiller Harbor Owners Association) has the below listed properties for sale. Contact Board of directors at 35984 Owl Drive, Park hill, OK, or call Office Manger Jodell Halliger at 918-4575800 during office hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 2:00 pm), for terms and availability.

Block B, Lot 443

Surround your home on this 50’ x 100’ wooded lot. Available for immediate sale.

Purchase Outright: $1,850.00

Terms: Payout over 1 year $2,500 ($500.00 down, 12 payments @ $167.00)

Click here for a map of TENKILLER BLOCK B, LOT 443

LTHOA chooses “NOT” to sell any lots to any member that is (according to the bylaws and restrictions) not in good standing.

  • Phone Number: (918) 457–5800