SPEED LIMIT : Please be courteous and observe speed limits, drive careful & slow through the Harbor.  Watch out for walkers, children, golf carts, etc.

QUIET HOURS:  Mon – Thur 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. Fri – Sun 12 am – 7 am

TRASH (* See Below):  Dumpsters are located south of the community center and recreational area.

  1. Place tied-bagged trash in dumpster.
  2. Brake down & flatten all boxes.
  3. No tires, electronics  –  Household trash only.

PETS:  Please clean up after your pets.”

  1. Dogs must be on a leash..
  2. Your pet should not disturb other people.
  3. Do not leave barking dogs unattended.

CAMPFIRES:  Use fire pits / fireplaces with tops to close.  “Do Not Leave Fires Unattended.”

GOLF CARTS and UTV’s: (utility vehicle equipped with seating for two or more people and a steering wheel), are allowed on our streets.  Use roads with caution.  Front & rear lights required at night.

ATV’s:  Under current state law, , (all-terrain vehicle with a seat designed to be straddled and steered by the use of handlebars), ARE NOT allowed on our streets and are subject to being ticketed by local and state law enforcement.

ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL:   Prior written permission required for all new construction, mobile homes,  or any permanent improvements.

PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION:  Each person or entity who owns property in Lake Tenkiller harbor is a member of the Association and have identical rights in the operation and management of the Association.

FACILITIES:  All members, their families and authorized guests have the right to use all of the Association’s facilities, including its swimming pool, park and recreational area.

BE COURTEOUS:  Do not allow flood lights to shine in your neighbors windows, no loud music, do not block other drive ways, observe quite hours, and “Keep Your Lot Clean.”

*TRASH:  “Article 16, Lake Tenkiller harbor Owner Association subdivision Restrictions” –  Garbage and trash collection service for household type trash/garbage shall be provided or made available by lake Tenkiller harbor owners Association locating garbage containers in central locations throughout the subdivision.  All trash disposal resulting from renovation, demolition, or upgrading (other than standard household trash) shall be the sole responsibility of the property owner and shall not be disposed of in the standard household trash containers.  Property owners who dispose of Trash other than standard household trash/garbage at the collection sites will be subject to the extra cost imposed on lake Tenkiller owners Association for the disposal of such items.  Upon failure to pay the debt incurred within (30) thirty days after the request for payment, the cost and expense shall be added to the yearly dues assessment with interest accumulation and secured by a lien on the lot in favor of the lake Tenkiller owners Association,  its successors or assigns and recorded with the County clerk, Cherokee County, Oklahoma, its certificate to such effect and certifying to the amount of such cost and expense.